Momentum Marketing | Momentum Media Networks | Broadcast Dialogue | Radioplayer Canada
Director, Digital Strategy
March 2010 – Present, Vancouver

Plan, create and actualize strategies within digital platforms to drive customers to the point of purchasing product, filling the cart, engaging with social channels or driving conversion to physical locations.

Understanding and monopolizing these conversion paths ultimately delivers campaigns that provide measurable results. These results can then be evaluated to continually improve, revise and reiterate strategy in turn monopolizing all available paths of conversion.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Implementation of a project management process to streamline client deliverable’s and client boarding in turn pushing up profit margins.
  2. Creating successful internal inbound marketing strategies, harnessing organic unpaid search results to drive new business development.
  3. Keeping up to date on latest digital marketing technologies and implementing those technologies that best suit client needs.
  4. A deep level of client trust, specifically in providing in depth consultation in regards to social channel engagement and strategy.
  5. A key team member, involved in all facets of business operations.
  6. Includes direction of digital strategy for Broadcast Dialogue, Radioplayer Canada, Momentum Media Marketing and Momentum Media Networks.

This Is A Collective
November 2009  – Present, Vancouver

Assisting non-profits get their legs online and drive revenue for their organization. The social value of the tools are enormous. The means we have as a collective whole to institute change at a community level is immense.

This Is A Collective is a not for profit collective that volunteers its time to assist not for profit organizations outside of the usual agency model and structure.

Full scale website development
Online Brand Strategy
Web Analytics / Metrics
Social planning, training and implementation
Web content development and copy-writing

Vancouver Film School
Instructor – Student Mentor
February 2011 – March 2015, Vancouver

Entertainment Business Management Program (Digital Marketing)

Working from a course outline including development of lesson plans detailing what will be taught and how the course material will be delivered. Punctual, conscientious management of classes with individual guidance and mentoring of students where appropriate.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Consistently scored top of faculty for student reviews.
  2. Nominated as Best Instructor EBM Program 2014.
  3. Mentored students to assist in gaining employment / work experience.

January 2010- September 2013

A podcast network for electronic musicians and fans. Podcast distribution through all available platforms driving distribution to large scale audiences while providing in show opportunities for advertisers.

5 Questions
February 2009 – September 2011

We pose 5 questions to interesting Canadians. Past participants have included Premier Gordon Campbell, Marc Emery, Ryan Holmes, Kris Krug, Boris Mann, Carole James, Karran Finlay, Shannon Emmerson, Jenn Lowther, Fresh Choice Kitchens, David Eaves and many many more ….

On hold. May become a podcast.

Kontent Creative Group
Vice President – Owner
February 2009 – April 2010,  Vancouver

As VP / Partner, day to day roles included carrying out the strategic company plan, overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to 18 employees who reported directly.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Secured healthy, profitable industry partnerships with 3rd party service providers.
  2. Strong community involvement that assisted in successful fundraising efforts for various non-profit organizations.
  3. One of Vancouver’s first creative agencies to harness social channels as a means of promotion which provided new paths to revenue both for the agency and clients.
  4. Successfully negotiated the sale of company client roster to a direct competitor.

Creative Spirit Communications
Senior Designer
January 2003 – February 2009, Vancouver

A growing company, Creative Spirit Communications expanded from a company of three to 23 in just under a year. Within that growth cycle responsibilities included day to day operation of a 12 member team of the web / interactive department.

Working in conjunction with development team members: planned, designed and tested the control-C CMS system that was an integral part of the success of the services provided to Creative Spirit clientele.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Lead a 12 person team in the design, development and implementation of an industry compliant content management system for British Columbia’s growing resource sector.
  2. Streamlined design and development process by implementing packaged offerings for clients.
  3. Designed and developed award winning websites and large scale touch screen presentations.
  4. A key team member, involved in all facets of business operations.

Interface Design / Usability Testing 
October 2001 – January 2002 (Contract)

From turnkey medical applications to on-site security consulting, FILOSAFE Corporation empowers businesses to realize their vision with confidence. That confidence rests on FILOSAFE Corporation’s network and security expertise and unique secure infrastructure.

How do our file storage, security and applications solutions meet the challenges of the Internet? By offering unrivalled “anywhere anytime” functionality while protecting security, data integrity, and privacy.


Design and implementation of user interface components for a suite of online file storage tools provided to clients by FiloSafe.

Involved in weekly usability groups with front end users. An opportunity to see first hand the persuasion of user interface design to move users through online systems.

Web/Interactive Designer 
Independent Contractor 
January 2001 – January 2002

As an independent contractor my day to day responsibilities were wide reaching – from sales to design to collections agent.


Worked for a wide array of clients including:

– SnowWalker (the movie)
– BlackCloud (the movie)
– Workers Compensation Board of BC (worksafeBC)
– Oasis Wireless
– The Westcoast Fishing Club
– goXML
– Nokia

Nextphase Stategy
Web Design / Production
January 2000 – October 2001

The programming and implementation of websites – following the art direction of the senior designer.

An opportunity to work with a wide base of innovative, technology based clients, a seasoned art director and a leader in Vancouver’s creative sector – Ullrich Schade.
User Interface Design
June 1998 – January 2000

Design and implementation of user interface components for a suite of online consumer productivity tools.

An opportunity to work for a venture funded, fast moving dot-com organization during the dot-com boom and through to the dot-bomb.

Web/Interactive Designer 
Independent Contractor 
October 1996 – May 1998

As an independent contractor my day to day responsibilities were wide reaching – from sales to design to collections agent.


Worked for a wide array of clients including:

– GenerationRave
– Garrison Crossing

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