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Will Electric Motorcycles Start Getting Traction?

I am far from a motorcycle guy, however I have been enamored lately by the technology and relative low cost of electric motorcycles. I am not talking about the Harley Davidson offering or the higher priced Zero bikes but the smaller independent manufacturers – an offering that brings to mind the same type of ethos as micro-breweries. Bikes released in smaller batches that lean towards a past era of motorcycle aesthetic with a ‘hipster’ appeal that I am drawn to.

These are city bikes with smaller battery ranges and fairly low top speeds. I think we will see a flood of these in the US / Canadian marketplace in the next 12 months. Great retro styling, restyled by some very talented people.

Fly Free Smart Motorcycles
80 Kms Range
80 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Visually appealing electric motorcycle based on the scrambler models – have a great cafe racer vibe. Beautiful to look at.

Denzel Motors
120 Kms Range
95 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Love the style of this cafe racer!

Apache Custom Motorcycles

All a bit mysterious. An Italian custom bike manufacturer who are building an electric bike. The video is part of its wonderful mystery.

Super Soco TC Max
110 Kms Range
95 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Not as retro-stylish as the others but the TC Max may be the price point that appeals to a myriad of buyers. The TC line has a die hard fan base that will grow even further if pushed into the Canadian marketplace. Lots of potential for this one.

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