David Hillman Curtis (February 24, 1961 – April 18, 2012) was an American new media designer, author, musician and filmmaker. Curtis was the Principal and Chief Creative Officer of hillmancurtis.com, inc., a digital design and film production firm in New York City.

Curtis rose to notoriety as a Flash motion designer – revolutionizing the limits of user interface and online design. Later in his short career Curtis became an acclaimed film maker with his ‘Artist Series’ short films. Wonderful, wonderful work.

An influential artist, graphic designer, poster designer and record cover designer – Chantry crafts his work with an on the fly, punk rock attitude that makes for a one of a kind, unique aesthetic often emulated. You Should Know Who Art Chantry Is!

Chantry advocates a low-tech approach to design that is informed by the history of the field. His work has been exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Modern Art, Seattle Art Museum, the Smithsonian, and the Louvre. Chantry builds his record, poster, and magazine designs by hand, eschewing the now-ubiquitous computer and laser printer for X-Acto knives, Xerox machines, and photoset type. His bright, eye-popping creations can be seen frequently in the mom-and-pop record store as in the pages of establishment design magazines like Print or Communication Arts.

Wiki – Tom Green is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, filmmaker, rapper and talk show host. Known for his own unique brand of shock comedy, he found mainstream prominence via his MTV show aptly titled The Tom Green Show.

Recently, Tom Green has started / re-started live broadcasting to YouTube for the most part – daily. There is something there, it’s honest and without pretentiousness. Green is a compelling story teller and genuinely cares for his audience.

He has built a studio in his home and is doing all of the production solo, including call ins, live from an old school rotary phone. He has the medium figure out.

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An experimental off-grid micro farm at Slab City in the Southern California desert attempting to create a homestead out of recycled, free, and thrifted materials. They work on a variety of artistic, mechanical, and botanical projects in the pursuit of a magically weird and sustainable paradise.

It’s quirky, interesting and compelling. Nicely done and needs more subs.
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In the final episode of 2019, Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast features the team behind Broadcast Dialogue – editor Connie Thiessen, Momentum Media Marketing digital strategy director James Wallace, and BD creative director Christian Lind – discussing some of the big broadcast and digital stories from the past year, including the rise of podcasting and esports, the increasingly crowded OTT landscape, and radio syndication.

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Will Electric Motorcycles Start Getting Traction?

I am far from a motorcycle guy, however I have been enamored lately by the technology and relative low cost of electric motorcycles. I am not talking about the Harley Davidson offering or the higher priced Zero bikes but the smaller independent manufacturers – an offering that brings to mind the same type of ethos as micro-breweries. Bikes released in smaller batches that lean towards a past era of motorcycle aesthetic with a ‘hipster’ appeal that I am drawn to.

These are city bikes with smaller battery ranges and fairly low top speeds. I think we will see a flood of these in the US / Canadian marketplace in the next 12 months. Great retro styling, restyled by some very talented people.

Fly Free Smart Motorcycles
80 Kms Range
80 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Visually appealing electric motorcycle based on the scrambler models – have a great cafe racer vibe. Beautiful to look at.

Denzel Motors
120 Kms Range
95 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Love the style of this cafe racer!

Apache Custom Motorcycles

All a bit mysterious. An Italian custom bike manufacturer who are building an electric bike. The video is part of its wonderful mystery.

Super Soco TC Max
110 Kms Range
95 Kms An Hour Top Speed

Not as retro-stylish as the others but the TC Max may be the price point that appeals to a myriad of buyers. The TC line has a die hard fan base that will grow even further if pushed into the Canadian marketplace. Lots of potential for this one.

A husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. Each month they publish a full income and expense report showing you exactly how much money they spent while traveling full-time, as well as how much money they’ve made from things like their YouTube channel, Patreon page, credit card partners, video editing courses, and travel hacking courses.They provide an interesting view into monetizing their online channels.

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Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack McCann created the unboxing YouTube channel Unbox Therapy in December 2010. Unbox Therapy is a Canadian unboxing and technology YouTube channel produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. Hilsenteger is the channel’s host and McCann is the videographer. The channel has 15 million subscribers and its videos have received over three billion views. In 2014, Unbox Therapy uploaded a video in which Hilsenteger used only his hands to bend his iPhone 6 Plus (#BendGate) – this saw the channel skyrocket, 72 million views on this video alone. One of Canada’s largest YouTube Channels and it continues to grow!

YouTube Adventure Travel Series – a first-of-its-kind Adventure Travel Series about Van Life, Overlanding, and Alternative Living as they drive Around The World in their Mobile Studio, a vintage VW Kombi. Watch it from episode #1 – really entertaining channel. Subscribe Here >